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Founded in 1979, October Gallery, in central London, exhibits innovative, contemporary art from around the world. For over 40 years, October Gallery has pioneered the development of the Transvangarde - the trans-cultural avant-garde.



Simorgh - Work by Graham Day Inspired by Farid Al-Din ‘Attar’s Conference of the Birds
14 November - 7 December 2002
El Anatsui: - Recent Works
9 October - 9th November 2002

Olmec Maya Series: Time and the Elements  by Aubrey Williams
Aubrey Williams
4 September - 5 October 2002
A Thousand Ways of Being
Memory and Presence in the arts of Diasporas
26 June - 31 July 2002
An exhibition that examines the way in which twelve individual artists, of African, South Asian, Chinese, South American and Middle eastern descent, reflect their experiences of having moved - whether by choice or coercion, whether historically or more recently, to live and work in different environments such as London, Paris, Haiti and Cuba. The exhibition looks at the different ways in which these artists have chosen to balance a 'there' with a different 'here,' a 'then' with a more immediate 'now' and the strategies employed to integrate an awarness of an earlier heritage with subsequently acquired artistic frames of reference. 
Master Strokes:
Contemporary Arabic Calligraphy
22 May - 22 June 2002
Master Strokes brings together, from seven different countries of the Near and Middle East, a sampling of the work of nine of the most distinguished artists practising in the field of Arabic calligraphy today. Besides offering a snapshot of the superabundant wealth of contemporary Islamic calligraphy, the exhibition provides a privileged insight into the rich tapestry of history, culture and thought that has most often - and always to the detriment of better understanding - remained invisible to western eyes. Work will be shown by the following artists: Wijdan (Jordan), Rasheed Butt (Pakistan)' Laila Shawa (Palestine), Maysaloun Faraj (Iraq), Ali Omar Ermes (Libya), Hassan Massoudy (Iraq) Samir Al-Sayegh (Lebanon), Tajammul (UK/Pakistan)' and Nja Mahdaoui (Tunisia).
Jimoh Buraimoh and Chief Z. O. Oloruntoba - Visions of the Yoruba
17 April -18 May 2002
An exhibition bringing together the work of two highly influential artists from Nigeria, the first, Jimoh Buraimoh, whose work developed out of the so-called 'Oshogbo School' and who is important as the first artist to begin to use beads to compose the vibrant colour blocks of his work. The second is the polymath Chief Z. O. Oloruntoba, whose highly-coloured thread-on-canvas pieces provide the perfect complement to Buraimoh's work, showing fascinating similarities and differences by turns. 
Balanced on the Edge of Chaos: -
A Retrospective of Gerald Wilde's Work
27 February - 13 April 2002
Another chance to examine the haunting work of Gerald Wilde, an artist whom David Sylvester called 'the foremost painter of his generation,' one of the unacknowleged masters of the post-war period. Wilde maintains a unique position amongst the British post-war painters, in having spent his all in exploring an individual vision that set him apart from his post-war peers and left him fitting into very few of the accepted artistic movements and trends of the time. Both puzzling and fascinating by turns, Wilde opened a trail which precious few understood and fewer still dared follow. 

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Transvangarde 2002: An Artistic World Wide Web
30 January - 23 February 2002
Transvangarde 2002 provided a platform for a truly international encounter between artists from around the planet by juxtaposing outstanding work by artists and sculptors from Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East — and beyond!

Transvangarde 2002 introduced London audiences for the first time to the serene sculptures of the Ethiopian artist Etiyé Dimma Poulsen. The exhibition will counterpose the powerful sculptural works of the West African, El Anatsui with the carved printing-blocks of the Chinese artist, Xu Zhongmin. Included also will be visionary paintings by the Peruvian, Pablo Amaringo; highly-textured oils by the Ghanaian, Ablade Glover; haunting new work by the Palestinian artist Laila Shawa that makes stark reference to the clash of cultures highlighted by the World Trade Centre bombing; playful metal sculptures by the Papua New Guinean, Ruki Fame, vibrant abstract paintings by the Austrian, Elisabeth Lalouschek; the striking work of Aubrey Williams from Guyana and fantastical paintings by the extraordinary English artist, Gerald Wilde, a major retrospective of whose work will subsequently be presented in a solo exhibition at the Gallery. There will also be a selection of other works by a alrge selection of other planetary artists with a global vision.


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